Spring Home Refresh

Does the onslaught of this past winter have you feeling a little…blah? Us too.

We thought up some ways to brighten up and refresh your home for the spring season, shaking off the frost of winter!

  1. Brighten the living space with a couch cover.
    • Couch covers are a super simple and cost effective way to help transform any space. These became a favorite of mine when I was gifted a hideous patterned couch, and I was able to cover it with a rich faux suede, similar to this.
    • These are a great option because not only are they cost effective, but come in countless colors, patterns and fabrics, allowing you to customize your space and experiment with bold colors.
  2. Colorful Throws, Pillows
    • Another way to bright any room is with accent colors. One of our favorite ways to incorporate accent colors is with throw pillows and blankets, which can be found at virtually any store that sells home decor.
    • An example of this is how we utilized throw pillows in various spring hues for our Spring 2018 shoot. 
  3. New Curtains/Rods
    • A new set of curtains can let in more light, or give a room a more sophisticated feel. Just take a look at this before and after! Before, there’s just a window frame. With the addition of floor length curtains, the room appears more tied together, with the curtains incorporating and complementing other colors in the space. 
    • You could also consider taking your window treatment makeover one step further and hang from curtains from a slightly high rod, giving the illusion of larger windows. This example is from the blog “A Step Inside“.
  4. Sponge Painting
    • While this is a bit more time consuming than our other tips, this is a great technique to freshen up any space using minimal supplies. All you need is paint and a porous sponge. You can use one color or multiple, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling!
    • This process gives painted surfaces texture and visual interest.
    • And these are some of our favorite sponge painting masterpieces!
    • In case you need some step by step directions, we found this tutorial from the Family Handy Man!
  5. Crates as Shelving
    • I personally love this idea for bathrooms and kitchens. The bright, fresh wood from unpainted craft crates bring some natural elements into the home, and provides a cute, sort of country chic solution for storage.
    • If natural wood doesn’t fit your other decor, give the crate a coat of paint!
    • You can simply mount them directly to the wall with nails, or get a little fancy and utilize iron shelf brackets, like blogger behind Chapter 37 did!
    • You can also get really creative and make a larger display or shelving unit!

      Image from Tara Michelle Interiors, found on Country Living

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